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Update your entire home
with 30% off 6 or more – 25%
off 4 or more – 20% off 2 or


Want to cozy up your patio for fall get-togethers? Reduce glare and
add style with Outdoor Solar Shades by Blinds.com now.

Here come the holidays! To help you manage the hectic weeks ahead,
we are holding a giveaway to help you to impress and de-stress for
the holidays.
Grand Prize:
$2,000 to spruce up your home for the holidays. Prize consists of a
$1,000 Blinds.com gift card + a
$1,000 The Home Depot gift card.
Weekly Prizes on Facebook:
· Kitchen Aid appliance
· Smart thermostat
· Phillips Hue starter pack
· Outdoor fire pit
Grand prize winner will be chosen October 18th, 2018.

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