This Black Friday, Would You Rather…?

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Experience life-enhancing travel with our Black Friday sale! Ends
November 25.

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Flight Centre Club Red

Black Friday - Would you rather?

year, don’t trip over Black Friday shipping boxes; save on a trip
instead. Check out our Black Friday sale to snag special travel
deals. Offer ends November 25.


Can’t wait? Call us at 1 855 7 YOU FLY or
visit us in-store today.

At Flight Centre, our prices include all taxes. There are
no hidden fees.

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Sun-kissed deals
Last Chance! Save
up to 40%* 
on Mexico & the


Conditions apply. We
do not accept any liability in connection with data corruption,
computer virus, delay, interruption, non-delivery, unauthorized
access or unauthorized amendment of this email. WARNING: Some
individuals and organizations are using the Flight Centre brand to
solicit payment for non-existent travel services from members of
the public. We advise YOU should never provide personal details or
payments to such individuals or organizations without verifying
their identity. We recommend YOU only communicate and transact with
legitimate Flight Centre businesses in your territory, for example All advertised prices
include taxes & fees. Prices are for select departure dates and
are accurate and subject to availability at advertising deadline,
errors and omissions excepted, and subject to change.
Air Canada Vacation Deals: *Consult a Flight
Centre travel agent or visit
for more details.

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