The Finest Fiano di Avellino. Tre Bicchieri.


, this is one of the
best white wines to come out of Italy every year.

di Sardegna is one of the world’s great wine

I travel to Italy, I’m always looking for wines from
Colli di Lapio on wine lists of the restaurants we frequent, with
the Fiano di Avellino being the score of the bunch. I could not be
more excited that WineOnline now represents the wines. This is
traditional wine making at its finest.

talking about Colli di Lapio’s 2017 Fiano di Avellino which is a
wine with depth and complexity well beyond anything else from the
region. Take a look at the notes here:

is wine epiphany wine . No matter how much you purchase, you will
wish you purchased more. If you spend money on only 1 high end
white wine this summer, this should be the one.

Romano Clelia Winery lies on the old farm in Arianiello.

wines are all produced from grapes picked exclusively from vines
belonging to the vineyard. 

vines are tended to by every family member with the help of
competent professionals.

the cultivation of prestigious Fiano and Aglianico grapes is born a
quality wine, in limited quantities, the fruit of meticulous
winegrowing and winemaking practices and scrupulous

result is a superior quality product, which made a name for itself
on the market straightaway and is appreciated in Italy and abroad

the eighteen century besides the Franciscan convent of Santa Maria
degli Angeli, and the Filangieri family, a network of small and
mid-size owners who grew Fiano grapes in the best parts of town
prevailed. Including the Romano family with their vineyards in
Stazzone, Scarpone and their big farm in Arianiello. The hillside
of Arianiello rises above the Calore Valley on the other side of
Taurasi. Its position with respect to surrounding hills more than
its altitude above sea level, determines the very good conditions
for cultivating vineyards.

your case of the Colli di Lapio’s 2017 Fiano di
Avellino here:

a great day !



P.S: I can’t help but to
add more crazy good Italian white wines. The legendary Pinot
Grigio K Alto Adige by San Pietro. The wine used to be called
Kristall until Louis Roederer lodged a complaint saying it could be
confused with their Champagne, Cristal. Even though a bottle
of Cristall costs more than a case of this Pinot Grigio! Grab your
case(s) here:

P.P.S: Benito
Ferrara’s Greco di Tufo Vigna Cicogna is perhaps
the most elegant Greco di Tufo wine made in Italy today. Take a
look here:











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