Parisian Escort Wine…


​​Hi ,

never seen a Beaujolais Blanc like this

It’s the
refined Parisian escort in lace and high heels that sends your
heart racing with mixed emotions. (Or a perfectly manicured refined
gentleman). Dangerous and

Yet, it’s
relatively unknown. 

It’s what
Chablis used be 30 years ago… before everyone
found out. Those that know about this wine…
don’t talk about it. Like the mafia made them
take a vow of silence: Omerta.

You will be astonished by
this wine. The minerality, the spice, the acidity just pops, and
the finish that seems to last forever.

You simply will not find a
bottle of wine that packs so much for only $30. You will taste
the rocks, the sun, and the hill it was grown on.

speaking of course about the 2016 Beaujolais Villages Blanc by
Jean-Marc Burgaud. Jean-Marc is like the Einstein of wine. The mad
scientist that invents breakthrough ways to extract the essence of
the grapes. You will stun people with this unexpected wine. And you
will be the hero of the night…

, order your cases here:

At $32.95 per bottle
($395.40 per case) it’s a steal. Trust me. Get 2
cases, while you can, you’ll be glad you

Order your cases here:

-Aaron Bick

P.S. As always, if you
don’t like it, send back any unopened bottles
for a full refund. (But, in my opinion, you’ll
be happy. As your friends try to buy some themselves. But they
won’t be able to. It will be sold out

P.P.S.  On our last
feature of a wine by Jean-Marc Burgaud we sold out in less than a
day. And this wine has only 15 cases left.

Order your cases here:














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