One of our best suits is on sale again! Get the Hamilton for only $379!

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Great deals like this
don’t come very often!

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for you! The Hamilton Sharkskin Collection is on
sale right now for $379 USD ($420 USD off). This
is one of our best collections available because these suits are
made with a more luxurious fabric that is blended with mohair to
add lightness, lustre and durability.

Hamilton Sharkskin Blue Suit

Hamilton Sharkskin Navy Suit

>> Hamilton Sharkskin Gray

>> Hamilton Sharkskin Light
Gray Suit

This collection won’t be on sale for long, and
the fabrics are limited in quantity. Don’t wait
up and suit up in some of the best garments INDOCHINO has to

Chris Tate

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*Terms and conditions: This offer applies to purchases of select
suits. Tuxedos and Luxury Suits are not included in this offer.
This offer is not retroactive and no adjustments will be made to
prior purchases. This offer does not apply to sale items and cannot
be combined with any other offers. We reserve the right to amend
these terms & conditions at our sole discretion. This offer
expires at 11:59 PM EST on July 11, 2019. For assistance email

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