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The Game Changers is James Cameron’s latest documentary, focusing
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New Year, New Supplements

New Year, New Supplements

(Naturopathic Doctor

Read today’s post and find out which 5
supplements our Naturopathic Doctor recommends to start off the new

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Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins helps people feel better and live fuller lives
through sustainably-sourced nutrition products, promoting health,
fitness and natural beauty. We do that by providing nourishing
collagen and promoting our production of collagen – an essential
nutrient stripped from our diets by modern food-processing.


Our products are responsibly sourced and formulated with a variety
of lifestyles in mind. It is our goal to expand our product
offerings with clean ingredients and label transparency.

  • Gluten
  • Highly
  • Non
  • Grass Fed
    & Pasture Raised
  • Paleo
  • Soy
  • Dairy
  • No
    Artificial Growth Hormones


At Obvi we wanted to break the stigma around collagen needing to be
an additive versus being a stand alone drink which actually tastes
good. Our formulation pairs up neck and neck with the best
hydrolized bovine collagens in the market, but what makes ours
superior is the flavor system. Our flavors were derived by Fruity
and Cinna because they believe. collagen doesn’t have to be boring.
OBVI ADDS ATTITUDE TO COLLAGEN The best tasting collagen protein on
the planet

Niyama Yoga Wellness

Niyamaâ„¢ Yoga Wellness is a line of natural health
products designed and formulated to support the health and wellness
of people who practice yoga. They will help energize, rehydrate and
replenish, promote muscle recovery, and protect joints from wear
and tear so you can sustain your practice at any age.

Coming Soon

TDF Sports


This is the new clean in sports nutrition. Plant based and
sustainable. Good for you and for the planet. We formulate and
manufacture unique, powerful and effective supplements. Each is
carefully developed and rigorously tested. No gimmicks, silly
claims or confusing labels.

Derma Drink

Introducing the power of
antioxidants against acne

Derma Drink is specifically designed for chronic acne and constant
breakouts. Derma Drink was made to stop the underlying cause of
acne by rapidly strengthening the immune system.


Creamy Milk Chocolate &
Decadent Dark Chocolate

Our protein chocolate bars are made of premium raw cacao nibs and
cocoa butter and fortified with grass fed whey in our special
conching process. This gives our chocolate an intensely chocolatey
taste and creamy texture, all with less than 4 grams of net

Progressive Grass Fed Pro

This dynamic formula has been specially formulated to support an
active body. Each serving provides a nutritious combination of
protein, collagen and MCT.

  • 16 g of
    New Zealand whey protein,sourced from grass-fed cattle that are
    raised without the use of growth regulating steroids or milk
    inducing hormones (including rBGH)
  • Whey is a
    source of essential amino acids for the maintenance of good
  • Assists in
    proper muscle function and tissue formulation


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