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home décor you’re gonna fall




Fall in love with our
new spring décor pieces this
Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day

Celebrate homey romance
this Valentine’s Day by treating yourself to
some new décor pieces sure to make your space feel a
little more loving.

We have some new items just in time for spring to help spruce up
your space and show the most important person in your life some
love – you!


Fika Bed Tray
Fika Bed Tray

Make breakfast in bed easy like Sunday morning with this oak or
walnut veneer bed tray.

Dansk Watering Can
Dansk Watering Can

Small, sculptural, and lightweight, this polished brass or copper
watering can is both functional and a piece of art in its own

Gem Jewelry Box
Gem Jewelry Box

Store jewelry, makeup, or personal items with this small and simple
walnut jewelry box with removeable mirror.

Herb Pots
Herb Pots

Cute, small, and perfect for mixing and matching colours, patterns,
and plants, the Sage herb pots will look right at home on your
window sill.

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