Chicago Architecture Boat Tour + Mega Sale

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with $35
Up to 41% Off 90-Min Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

Tours and Boats
Chicago Architecture Boat Tour

Chicago river tour paired with architecture and history lessons
about the city’s most popular landmarks



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Up to 65% Off Facial Treatments at Lincoln Park Aesthetics

Lincoln Park Aesthetics LLC
Facial Treatments

Licensed aesthetician applies appropriate medical-grade products
to treat specific problems or clears away dead skin cells



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Up to 90% Off Cellulite-Reduction Sessions at The Indigo Room

The Indigo Room
Ultrasonic Body Sculpting

Skilled technician uses an ultrasonic device to target localized
fat deposits and tighten the skin


Sale Ends 8/15

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Up to 71% Off Laser Hair Removal

Old Town Medspa
Laser Hair Removal

Licensed professionals use a laser to target follicles, thereby
reducing the growth of unwanted hair



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Up to 65% Off Brazilian Blowout at Individualist Salon and Spa

BOBBIE at Individualist Salon and…
Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian blowout straightening treatment is designed to get rid
of frizz and improve the quality and texture of damaged hair


Sale Ends 8/15

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56% Off Personalized Slate Outdoor Sign from Etchey

Personalized Slate Outdoor Sign

Customers can choose from a variety of patterns and have a
personalized slate outdoor sign delivered conveniently to their



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Up to 60% Off House Cleaning from KC Luxury Cleaning

KC Luxury Cleaning
Basic House Cleaning

Skilled cleaner scrubs homes from top to bottom using
professional products and techniques



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Up to 56% Off Window Tinting from T.I Auto Customs

T.I Auto Customs
Window Tinting

Window tint keeps vehicle’s interior in
better shape and improves the comfort of driving by blocking out
harmful UV rays


Sale Ends 8/15

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Up to 38% Off Restylane Injections at Pure Medical Spa

Pure Medical Spa
Restylane Injections

Doctor determines eligibility during consultation, then may
inject up to two syringes of Restylane



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Up to 37% Off Massage at Pure Serenity Spa

Pure Serenity Spa
Deep-Tissue or Swedish Massage

Therapist manipulates the muscles to bring tension and pain


Sale Ends 8/15

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Up to 38% Off Mexican Cuisine at Cesar's Restaurant

Cesar’s Restaurant
Mexican Lunch or Dinner

Cesar’s is a family-owned restaurant, that
offers over 50 Mexican cuisine meals made from fresh



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Up to 57% Off Psychic Services at Cicero Psychic

Cicero Psychic
Psychic Services

Psychic reader aims to answer clients’
questions and help them make difficult life choices



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Chicago Architecture Boat Tour + Mega Sale

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