Between the lines & behind the scenes at NYFW! 🌟💃




Striped sensation | The Darla

When it comes to Fluevogs, it’s always
hard to pick favo(u)rites.
That said, The Darla
is really starting to runaway with things.  Featuring a sleek,
striped patent and adorable bow buckle, these Posers
are ready to spend some up close and personal time with you. Look
for them in stores or online now!


Trusted soles | The Faith

John never takes Faith
for granted.
So when it came time to put together his
newest Fall ’18 collection, he knew exactly
which bestselling Hopefuls
deserved not just one, but two colo(u)rway makeovers. Check them
both out in stores or online




Let it shine | The 2900 Hennepin Ave

The 2900
Hennepin Ave
 is a Twin
boot that is overflowing with charm.
from the same striped patent as The Darla,
these chelsea boots feature custom shaped elastic gussets and are a
nod to the location of our well-loved
store. Now available in stores and online!


This past weekend we were hono(u)red and excited to be a
part of Opening Ceremony’s
“Gift of Showz†event at New York
Fashion Week!
Our Original
took the stage alongside host Sasha Velour on the feet of all kinds
of unique souls. Get the scoop and your first look at an upcoming
special edition pair of gold Originals on the FlueBlog!


A new round of FluevogCreative
is upon us and this time, it’s all about a sexy
Fall ’18 boot design that’s
slated to arrive later this season.
Get your first sneak
peek at the Shaguar Dorritie and challenge your creative friends to
put their ad designing skills to the test!


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